About Paul

For the past thirty years Paul has been working in the restaurant business, bringing together delicious foods and atmospheres where customers could create their own memories.  Growing up in Northern Virginia, Paul went off to study hospitality management at East Carolina University, followed by culinary arts at Johnson & Wales University.  After his education he departed to New York City where he continued to establish himself in the restaurant world, while also homing in on his love of writing and photography.

In 2018, with a backpack and some inspiration, Paul cashed in his proverbial chips and took off to see the world.  The inspiration clearly worked because he never returned.  His journey of uncertainty found it’s purpose of exploring what the world has to offer.

Paul is currently working on a cookbook about Vietnam’s food and culture that will be available in 2024.  Besides authentic Vietnamese recipes, Paul hopes to do his part in piquing the readers’ interest in understanding the world, in any aspect.  Once you do that, he feels like everyone will understand each other a little better.